Here’s another post for a series of photographaphs of my children together. It gets really challenging to take photos of them together because of the big age gap. But I’m so glad to be a part of this project with a group of talented photographers. I know that I will rarely have photos of them together if not for this.

Here’s my share for this month. I even got a shot of our 6 mos old maltipoo, Bella.


Up next on our blog circle is Ms Sarah Hayes. Please go ahead and check out what she captured this month

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Their World February ~ Fargo Moorhead Children’s Pictures » Natural candid everyday West Fargo ND children's and family photography by MelindaS.Photography - […] We also had the treat of one of the older girls coming home during the month so I was able to get a snap of the three of them together.  You can’t help but be happy when this happens.  Please join the next fabulous photographer in our Their World circle here! […]

Robyn - Love the first shot! So great.

sharmilla - Big age gaps can produce really special bonds! You can see theirs in these lovely photos!

jude - i thought your dog was a stuffed animal at first! lol how adorable! i love the bond they both share! something so extra special seeing photos of siblings together!

Amy - Is your older daughter wearing a Nirvana shirt?? That’s so cool. I remember listening to Nirvana all the time in high school… now I’m afraid it’d be very UN-cool if I were to wear a shirt of them! 😛

The shots of them up in the mountains (?) are my favourite. Lovely processing.

Ruthie Prasil - I agree with sharmilla — you can see perfectly the love and bond these 2 girls have. I love the images!

annie morris - Love these! Your girls are so sweet!

Sarah - All so cute, but love the first one with the little one laughing and big sister looking at her!

Mindy - They are so sweet together and they will so cherish these pictures in the years to come!

Czarina - Amy, yes she is! 😉 I loved them when I was in high school too.

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