Letters to my daughters | Julia September 2012

I am loving how I am able to document how I feel and what I think of my daughters at the time I wrote these letters. For my 4th, a letter to my Julia Moon is posted.

You can find last month’s letter here to Chloe.

My Dear Julia,

Summer is to an end which means Ate Chloe’s back to school and you will be starting your first day in preschool. Finally, you get to learn so much more. Not just ABC’s and 123’s but also interacting with other children your same age. Yes we get to do playdates with your 3 other friends same age as you, but this is so different. There will be more children you get to play with. You already know how to pray but you get to learn more about the bible and God. I love that they are teaching about religion and hopefully help in molding your moral values.

I know you will make a lot of friends and I know that you will want to go back all the time!

What I don’t know is if that first day I drop you off, you’ll be able to just go on and be independent and kiss and wave goodbye to me. Or will you be crying and not letting me leave by your side. I’m scared and excited at the same time for you. This is a whole new environment, new people, new routine – I can’t wait to see and find out how you will handle it all.

Did you know that the first day Mama drop me off the first time I went to school, I cried and didn’t want her to leave? She stayed there the whole time and waited for me until the school was out. Your sister Chloe however loved it. I left her the first day of preschool, at the same school you are about to go to, and she just blended in. She started playing with other kids and kissed me goodbye like it was nothing.

Since I feel that you’ve been so attached to me lately, my first instinct would be that you wouldn’t want me to leave you. You call for me when you cry, not Dad. You ask me for hugs when you feel sleepy at night. You ask me to ‘cratch’ your back and massage your feet at bedtime. How I wish I can spend the entire day everyday with you but Mommy has to work. We do so much more though as soon as I get home from work and we have the entire weekend.

You love to play pretending to be a doctor and pretending to be a cook nowadays. Those are your two favorites. We would occasionally build fortress but not as much as we used to. You love running on our hallway and having Bizkit chase you around. You still love Playhouse Disney. You would choose ‘Cars’ over ‘Princesses’. But when you pick princess, you’re favorite is Rapunzel. You wear her costume everyday. It’s so worth the money since you play with it and wear it every single day!

You still want my undivided attention whenever you want to say something and I didn’t look at you or paid attention to you. You will pout, run to the bathroom, turn on the lights, close the door and sit on the counter. You will wait there, will not get out until I come and get you. I will hug you and you will hug me back. I will hum to Brahms lullaby and you will hug me tight and rest your head on my shoulders. It always calms you down. Other days when you don’t get my attention, you’ll run away and lay on the floor until I stop what I’m doing and get you.

Oh my dear Julia! These are the times that will turn into memories when you’re all grown up. I am embracing all these now as I know time will pass so quickly. I’m so glad I’m able to document these moments for you. I don’t want to forget how you are at this stage of your life. I wish you can stay this little forever, so innocent, so precious.

I love you to the moon and back.


(all photos taken during our Disney Aulani Trip 2012)

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