Letters to my Daughters | Chloe June 2013

This month marks a year since my first letter to my daughters. I will strive to continue this personal project and am proud to have accomplished a year of writing letters to them.

You can find last month’s letter here:
May 2013 Letters To My Daughters

Dear Chloe,

What a year we’ve had! And what a parenting journey this is with you. This is the final year before you officially become a teen. Sounds exciting or scary? Scary for me and exciting for you maybe?

I will make this letter short and sweet. I have so many other things I want to tell you but I’ll skip that for now, instead, today, on your 12th birthday, I only wish nothing more but all the best life has to offer.

Happy birthday Chloe! I love you! Now lets enjoy Hawaii!!


I need to take more photos of you with the big girl camera. These are all iPhone and most are from months ago.

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